Class Notes & Profiles

Jelly Jam, the People Preserver

By Samantha Soper '91 with Laurel Leggiere

Judith Cron Friedman ’57 is going places and taking Mother Earth with her. She is the creator of Jelly Jam, a fictional character that teaches children about ways to preserve and protect the environment. When Friedman began teaching in the late 1950s in Connecticut, she discovered “a dearth of environmental material for children.” This, in combination with wanting to protect her own children from environmental problems, led to her creation of the Jelly Jam books. Friedman believes that “children really understand issues of health and safety and can be powerful allies” in fighting for the environment. Friedman’s books are now distributed in 10 languages and tell of Jelly Jam’s great adventures with his fellow friends. An interactive Website has been created along with t-shirts, toys, and teachers’ manuals to support the books. She constantly receives letters and emails from teachers around the world who have incorporated Jelly Jam into their curriculum. About her successes Friedman said, “It brings tears to my eyes.” If you would like more information about Jelly Jam, visit

—S.S. with Laurel Leggiere (As part of bring-your-kids-to-work day, Laurel, daughter of AAVC Account Specialist Sue Leggiere, researched and contributed to this article.)