Class Notes & Profiles

Textiles in Texas

By Kate Conlow ’09

In 1971, Frances (Bobbi) Kallison Ravicz ’60 opened The Yarn Barn of San Antonio, today one of the oldest independently owned yarn and needlework supply stores in the country. The store emerged from Ravicz’ passion for weaving and collecting fine yarns from all over the world, and has grown into a thriving retail and wholesale store, supplying nationwide buyers everything from yarns to frames to rare needlework books. Over the years, the store has become a gathering place for both men and women to engage in weaving and needlework. For Ravicz, the most fulfilling part of owning her business has been the community and opportunities that the store has created. “I take pride that not only has the store provided a meeting and sharing ground for people but it has given work to people who wouldn't have gotten it otherwise,” she says.